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Construction Services

What B4Box Can Offer

For housing organisations & councils

Assisting bringing their workless residents to work with training included (as standard) - not just placements/labouring

For training providers

Te vehicle by which the practical, on-site element FOR MULTI-SKILLS is achieved

For organisations helping workless people

Holistic solutions with training, qualifications and employment.

For potential employees

A structured, safe career environment in which professional career development is integral.

For customers

Multi-skilled , trained operatives for whom Customer care is key

For communities

We are creating sustainable regeneration. We are growing the facilities management teams of the future, from local people.

For the local economy

Ensuring that money spent on local contracts stays and circulates in the local economy.

Training as a Core Value

We know that for our work to be on time and first rate, we need highly motivated and well trained staff. We have developed as an organisation to ensure that professional development of our staff is at the core of B4Box. We offer structured career development to ALL our employees to develop their practical, technical and academic skills.

We work closely with all partners to enable on-site and off-site learning in a supportive, and commercially efficient environment. Our staff have reported high levels of motivation to do a great job because they are improving their skills, gaining qualifications, they are contributing to the regeneration of their own local community, working in a successful team and they are engaged in continued learning.

It is our ethos of transforming communities through engaging local people, training and employing them in the local construction projects. We have taken the lead in creating a company where training is not just an add-on or a contractual obligation, we are looking at the bigger picture for truly successful regeneration.

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