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Procure Plus

Procure Plus was created out of a need for fairer, more predictable pricing for both landlords and their supply chains. Their job creation schemes and community enterprises have been successful and we continue to meet many of the objectives we set out to achieve.

Salix Homes

Salix Homes manages around 10,500 council-owned properties across Central Salford and the Beechfarm and Rainsough Brow estates. They're determined to provide you with a fresh and energetic approach to the management of your home.

Salford Council

Salford City Council's Business and Investment team is working closely with partners to support new and existing businesses.

Salford College

Salford City College was established on 1st January 2009 following the merger of Eccles, Pendleton and Salford College. Our mission is to 'inspire and empower people to create and take opportunities to enrich lives through learning'.

Greater Manchester Employer Coalition

Greater Manchester Employer Coalition (GMEC) is a network of hundreds of local businesses who use their business leadership and job opportunities to improve the career prospects of local people.




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